September 4, 2008

‘Shedding’ is a collection of vessels that explore the idea that to shed light on something, to illuminate it, can be a means of adding value.

Each vessel represents an element of the experience of depression…the dark void from which light emerges. Some of the vessels are left empty; vacuous spaces that absorb any light that enters, reflecting nothing. Others contain emerging shards of light, constructed from torn pages from my journals. These paper pieces symbolise the cathartic process of writing; shedding light on my own thoughts. The shards of light shoot from the vessels, trying to break through the darkness, while the crocheted vessels represent the disintegration of darkness, as light begins to infiltrate into the shadows. Interestingly, the ‘negative’ spaces in these crocheted forms are actually areas of light, or positive space within this conceptual context.

The material qualities of the work play a vital part in the construction of this meaning. The process of smithing, in its repetitive spiral formation, is remarkably similar to that of crocheting vessels. Likewise, the shards of paper are made using a twisting technique that further emphasises the spiral formation. The making process itself is very meditative in all of these cases, and as such provided the time to ponder my own thoughts; to shed light on them.




2 Responses to “shedding”

  1. Elisa said

    Your work is evocative and gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  2. Kathy,/sophie andKellyMorris said

    Hey Sarah we think you are pretty awesome. We are amazed at what you can do. I wish I could touch it all. Can,t wait to see in April Love from all of us

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