September 24, 2008

This collection of vessels explores the literal layers of memory that we carry in relation to objects and wearables. The five vessels relate to five personal memories: travel, early mornings, my dad’s studio, solitude, and cooking. Though the form of the vessel has traditionally been designed to ‘contain’, in this case they can contain only memories, as the forms themselves are solid; thereby challenging the viewer to question the necessity of functionality in objects.

The pieces are designed to evoke the relationship between sensory experiences and memory. We are used to relating to artworks through visuals and touch, however we are rarely challenged to use all our senses. Upon closer inspection of these pieces, however, one finds that the forms emit fragrances….spices, oil paint, perfume, coffee…….and so, both the sense of scent and taste are evoked. Each vessel has a ‘stopper’ in the top, which when removed becomes an earring. The placement of this wearable element brings into focus the telling of stories, and sound, in relation to memory.

Though the vessels translate intimate stories, the universal relationship between the senses and memory makes the forms relevant beyond the personal, and will hopefully initiate the sharing of other’s stories.


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