“Marking Time” Graduate Exhibition Work, 2009.

April 27, 2010

When you first encounter ‘Marking Time’, it can be difficult to place the work in the context of jewellery and object design, and with so many individual artworks comprising a single body of work, it can be difficult to understand how the pieces relate. However, when you consider the title ‘Marking Time’, the threads begin to come together..

Whether it is through the severance of hair, the history of found objects, autobiographical musings, gestural mark-making, the many hours of crocheting or the hammer marks that remain embedded in copper, I have used these diverse materials and approaches to explore a common theme; that of the marks we make on the world, and the traces we leave behind.

'Marking Time' Graduate Exhibition Work.

Putting The Past To Bed. (Artist's Personal Diaries 1997-2009, Cotton, Wool.)

'Things on Strings' (Necklaces worn by me to create drawings with ink and paint.)

Things on Strings (detail)

Things on Strings (Detail)

What Remains. (Artist's Hair, Old Paint Brushes, Copper Vessel, Graphite)


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