Sarah Ball

I graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts in 2009. My work investigates the construction of personal meaning by considering the significance of the objects and adornments we choose to surround ourselves with. I create these wearables and hand-scale sculptures utilising traditional craft and metal techniques, while incorporating unexpected elements into my work through the material language of textiles and found object.


2008 888, China Heights Gallery, Sydney.

2008 Explorations, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney.

2008 Sculpturthon, At the Vanishing Point, Sydney.

2009 Altered Visions, Eye2Eye Fine Art, Adelaide.

2009 Unbearable, Sydney Design Festival, SCA. Sydney.

2009 Marrickville Council Art Prize, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney.

2009 Sydney College of the Arts Graduate Exhibition, Sydney.


2 Responses to “Exhibitions.”

  1. ray582 said

    found your site great and especially…your memory vessels (and commentary) very interesting.

  2. christina said

    Oh, I am in love! I just came across your site and all of your work is so well-discovered, so considered, so lovely, so feminine, and so organic. Really lovely! A few friends of mine and I recently started this website called insert inspiration ( where artists from all over the world can share their work in the company of a variety of other original work. You should check it out and add to it! We don’t have anyone from Sydney yet!


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